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Repair, modernization of locomotives and special self-propelled rolling stock (SSPS)

The company “PRZZT” repairs locomotive underframe, auxiliary equipment, brake equipment, electricals, repair/replacement of diesel locomotive and its components, hydraulic transmission.

Locomotive is a self-propelled rail underframe designed for traction of non-self-propelled cars. Special self-propelled rolling stock (known as acronym in Ukrainian SSPS) — railway rolling stock (railcars, motor locomotives, railway handcars and other self-propelled rail vehicles) for maintenance of railway devices and equipment: ways, contact network and power supply devices, communication devices of centralization and blocking.


Repair of locomotive underframe:

  • Disassembly, repair, inspection of diesel locomotive frame;
  • Track cleaners;
  • Automatic coupler;
  • Locomotive cabin repair
  • Replacing of cabin inner lining;
  • Replacement of locks, windows and doors rubber seals;
  • Installation of new refrigerator and microwave oven;
  • Installation of new rear-view mirrors.

Repair of locomotive frame:

  • Demounting, repair, installation of trolley frame;
  • Demounting, repair, flaw detection and installation of suspension (drawing Т328.34.02.01)
  • Replacement of elastic rubber-metal plates;
  • Dismounting, repair, installation of spring suspension;
  • Dismounting, repair, testing and installation of hydraulic vibration damper (according to ЦТ-0062);
  • Replacement of rubber shock absorber liners;
  • Dismounting, repair, installation of traction electric motor suspension;
  • Replacement of gear housing.

Dismounting, repair, testing, installation of railway motor cooling fans:

  • Replacement of drive hub with input shaft;
  • Turbine wheel replacement;
  • Replacement of chrome sleeves;
  • Replacement of pinions (set);
  • Expansion clutch yoke replacement
  • Bench running of hydraulic transmission;
  • UGP assembly;
  • Painting of hydraulic transmission housing;
  • Adjusting of hydraulic transmission after its installation on Customer’s diesel locomotive (in Customer’s territory)

Repair of auxiliary equipment:

  • Cleaning, repair, running-in of compressor and fan gearhead;
  • Cleaning, repair, balancing of auxiliary unit drive shafts;
  • Cleaning, repair, balancing of auxiliary unit drive couplings;
  • Replacement of flexible couplings;
  • Replacement of cardan clutches;
  • Replacement of needle bearing;
  • V-belt transmission belts replacement;
  • Dismounting, cleaning, repair, pressure testing of water-oil cooling heat exchanger;
  • Dismounting, cleaning, repair, pressure testing of fuel-oil heater;
  • Replacement of locomotive refrigerator sections;
  • Replacement of rubber shock absorbers for refrigerator unit;
  • Replacement of cups, coupling hose pipes, air duct of control systems, gaskets for refrigerator sections, sealing rings for air heater sections;
  • Disassembly, repair of refrigerator louvers and drive air cylinders;
  • Repair of refrigerator shaft;
  • Replacing of 3СЛ-2M speed gauge to “Vector” ГКИУ.402223.002 locomotive electronic speedometer
  • Dismounting, cleaning, repair, pressure testing of pipeline systems (oil, fuel, air);
  • Replacement of flexible joints and gaskets for all systems;
  • Water system piping replacement;
  • Dismounting, cleaning, repair, static balancing, fan wheel testing (Drawing Т328.15.11.00, Т328.15.22.00);
  • Dismounting, cleaning, repair, pressure testing of fuel and water tanks, spare oil tank;
  • Dismounting, flushing, repair, pressure testing of diesel fuel and oil systems filters, air filter cartridge;
  • Filter element replacement