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Lifting equipment repair

Repair of rotary support column, lifting mechanism, hydraulic cylinders, turntable, crane and jack pads.

It is known that competent operation of cranes and other types of lifting machinery should not be carried out without routine maintenance and overhaul. These measures are to be undertaken regardless of lifting machine type. Routine maintenance is the most common type of repair in course of crane active operations. And overhaul works are performed by a specialized repair organization, when as a rule, crane is completely dismounted, its components and assemblies are repaired, elements not subject to repair are to be replaced and in such a way the crane serviceability is restored. Crane overhaul is carried out upon working off the certain hours as established by norms. Our company fulfills repair and modernization of lifting equipment, works of enhanced risk, such as: 1. Technical check-up (except for primary and out of schedule in case of service life end, accident); 2. Tests: non-destructive testing (visual testing (VT), ultrasonic (UT); 3. Expert examination, technical diagnostics. As well as, machines, mechanisms, equipment of enhanced risk: Cranes and machinery (technical check-up only: electric bridge, boom self-propelled, gantry, railway cranes with lifting capacity up to 50 tons; tower of lifting capacity up to 40 tons; crane beams, hoists, winches with lifting capacity up to 8 tons), construction site hoists of lifting capacity up to 10 tons.