LLC “PRZZT” renders services in maintenance and overhaul of the following hydraulic transmission type: УГП 230, ГП 320, УГП 750.

Hydraulic transmission is an integral part of locomotive power chain. Hydraulic transmission properties and specifications considerably determine locomotive pulling power and economic characteristics, and its structural complexity and processing implementation define its operating standards: reliability, cost of repair and operations, etc. Hydraulic transmission is designed to transmit torque from diesel engine crankshaft through cardan shafts and axle gearboxes to diesel locomotive wheel sets.


  • Washing, cleaning
  • Complete disassembly of hydraulic transmission unit (UGP)
  • Flushing of oil channels, pipelines
  • Flaw detection of hydraulic transmission housing
  • Output shaft repair
  • Repair of hydraulic torque converter dome
  • Repair of gear clutch
  • Autolog clip repair
  • Speedometer drive repair
  • Repair of intermediate and reversing shafts
  • Reversing clutch yoke repair
  • Discharge pump replacement
  • Replacement of secondary pulse pump
  • Reverse shaft nut replacement
  • Thrust plates replacement
  • Replacement of feed pump (transmission)
  • Spool box replacement
  • Replacement of gear reversing and expansion clutches
  • Pulse pump replacement
  • Replacement of friction shaft yoke rings
  • Replacement of oil slinger rings
  • Replacement of regulating ring (torque converter)
  • Modulating valve replacement
  • Valve box replacement
  • Replacement of guide-vane covers for the first and second torque converters
  • Replacement of pump, turbine, torque converter wheels
  • Replacement of mechanical rubber goods, seals
  • Replacement of metal and metal-ceramic friction plates
  • Replacement of friction shaft half-clutch
  • Replacement of friction shaft plates
  • Replacement of guide vanes (torque converter)
  • Two-section pump replacement
  • Replacement of fixed sleeve (torque converter)
  • Bearing replacement (set)
  • Replacement of right, left plunger
  • Replacement of filters
  • Reversing shaft replacement
  • Replacement of drive hub with input shaft
  • Turbine wheel replacement
  • Replacement of chrome sleeves (torque converter)
  • Replacement of pinions (set)
  • Expansion clutch yoke replacementBench running of hydraulic transmission
  • UGP assembly
  • Painting of hydraulic transmission housing
  • Adjusting of hydraulic transmission after its installation on Customer’s diesel locomotive (in Customer’s territory)